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What is the CEPF Coordination Unit (CU)?

The coordination unit is a group of four organisations that are working together and with CEPF to achieve the CEPF outcomes for the Eastern Arc/Coastal Forest of Tanzania and Kenya.

The CU is the 'eyes and ears' of CEPF in the region.

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Which organisations form the Coordination Unit?

The following four organisations applied successfully to CEPF to form the Coordination Unit.

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What does the Coordination Unit do?

The job of the CEPF coordination unit is to ensure that an effective, efficient and coordinated approach is applied amongst stakeholders to achieve the CEPF conservation outcomes for the Eastern Arc and Coastal Forests.

To achieve this goal, the unit aims to meet four objectives. Each organisation is responsible for taking a lead on one of these objectives.

The objectives are as follows:

Objective 1
‘An Eastern Arc Coastal Forest coordination unit exists with appropriate mechanisms to facilitate achievement of the investment priorities identified in the CEPF ecosystem profile’.

Objective 2
‘Stakeholders within civil society and government are aware of the CEPF process, goals and achievements and are sharing experiences’.

Objective 3
‘Civil society stakeholders are supported to design effective conservation projects in line with the CEPF Ecosystem Profile and submit proposals to CEPF’.

Objective 4
‘A comprehensive and complementary suite of CEPF projects (within budget) is in place to fully address the strategic directions / investment priorities identified in the ecosystem profile’.

Please note: Members of the Coordination Unit do not review or provide any comments on applications they have submitted or where they are listed as a partner.

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How can you contact the Coordination Unit?

Please see details on the contact us page.

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